My experiences of the slave narratives

I had very unique experiences with both of these books. Having read Frederick Douglass’ book first, I had even more feelings for the story told by Harriet Jacobs. I am amazed at how much emotion translated into me from the page. In every piece we’ve read in class about slavery, those that use symbolic annihilation and those that don’t, the stories are never that truthful. From what I read, the biggest difference in a narrative and an article regarding slavery is the emotion. Through a personal account, the reader is able to actually see what slave like was like. There was descriptions in these pieces but in there was no voice behind them. In the narratives there is a voice behind every detail in the stories.

Another difference I noticed was the way in which the stories are told. The narrative form makes the book seem almost like a novel. The details and struggles that the slaves experienced were not just listed there but were told in a way that you feel as though you sat and watched this experience occur. Any other form of slave writing leaves the reader understanding, but not feeling the experiences the slaves went through. Overall, these two books were the most interesting and captivating that I have read for this class and I feel as though I could talk on and on about them.


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